about us

Rebirth Rice was founded in 2016 by a young couple.
He is a physician, she loves to cook.

We live in Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand, where we have partnered with an organic rice growing cooperative in Phrao, a rural district to the north.

Our premise has always been, since the early start, to reach out only to farmers who had been growing rice (and other produce) naturally and this for over a longer period of time.  Where Rebirth Rice would come in is to facilitate access to a global market while introducing long grain black rice abroad. We pay timely and directly, without a network of middlemen and about two and a half times the price for conventional white paddy rice.

It's just the farmers, the miller and the both of us. 

growing organic rice in Northern Thailand
Khun Boonlerd, our main farmer in the Phrao cooperative, showing the seeds stored from previous harvest. July, 2020.

We have been lucky to be introduced, early on, to lung Detch a 70-year old admirable miller and a fountain of information. He has been guiding us since, teaching us how to inspect a paddy and what to look for in a rice grain.

In Chiang Mai we run our own US FDA registered food facility, this is where we pack, while in Seattle we started Rebirth Rice LLC in order to import small batches of black rice into the US.

So far the journey has been fantastic and most customers seem to enjoy our kind of rice.

Which brings us to you.

If you have any question or issue or want to run your ideas by us, please reach out directly, we welcome this! We both have always been easily accessible and are happy to help, on Amazon as well as here on our website. And if you are in for a video chat while we are at the cooperative, great, we love that as well.

Dao and Alex
Co-founders Rebirth Rice