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black rice is gluten free, glycemic index is low

Update June 1, 2024
We are back!
There are still many preorders we need to dispatch, so deliveries will take a bit longer than usual, approximately 6-8 working days.
To make it up, we'll extend offering discounts until mid June. .

About this batch:
Harvested November 2023
Milling and packing February 2024

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Long grain, non-glutinous variety.
Fragrant, nutty, deep dark.

Thai name: khao hom nil (ข้าวหอมนิล).
Scientific name: Oryza Sativa sc. khao hom nil.

Organically grown and seed saved in Phrao.

nutrient profile (pdf)
anthocyanin 38.9mg/kg (pdf)
non-GMO (pdf)

High in mineral and fiber: Iron 1.9mg/100g, Magnesium 166.8mg/100g, Fiber 4.6g/100g.

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($2.66/lb; 8 vacuum bags of 6.25lb)

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