heirloom Thai black rice | online retail

organically grown by a group of smallholders in Chiang Mai province, Northern Thailand

growing organic rice in Northern Thailand

Our rice is a long grain black variety, non-GMO, seed saved.

Phrao, one of Chiang Mai's mountainous rural districts is where we grow rice. Its microclimate, fresh mountain water and slightly acid soil make it highly suitable.

For crop year 2024 another site nearby the Doi Inthanon National Park will be added.

frequently asked questions

Where to buy?
How often do you ship?
Any discounts?

You can buy directly from us.
US shipments only. Free delivery.

On Amazon we offer a 4lb unit as well as a 12.5lb unit.

We ship from Thailand 1-2 times a year only.
Freshly milled. Vacuum packed.

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How much water to cook black rice?

Read a bit more here about what we feel gives that ideal 'chewiness', not too hard, not moist either.

and some recipes

How long can black rice be stored?

black rice can be stored for around 18 months.

If vacuum packed, shelf life is extended and rice can hold up over 3 years.

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How do we find out black rice is authentic?

The vinegar test' is the golden standard to verify the authenticity of any colored rice variety.

Dissolve some black rice in vinegar and in 3-5min the solution will color red.

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How about GMO?
Do you grow organic?

We are in favor of saving seeds, a traditional practice, and don't grow GMO.

Note that since 2008 the Thai government and the academic world pledged to keep Thai rice GMO free. As a result GMO rice can neither be grown nor exported.

We don't use synthetic pesticides/fertilizers while every 2-3 years we send our rice to the lab: 4 groups of agrochemicals, arsenic and mercury are analyzed.

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about us

Rebirth Rice was founded in 2016 by a young couple.
He is a physician, she loves to cook.
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