Hi, I am Dao.

In 2013, along with my husband, we moved to Northern Thailand, the land of a million rice fields. An obvious choice as we both love mountains, tropical agriculture and street food.

Even though my mom taught me how to cook Thai food and I had been working for more than 3 years in a Belgian bakery in London, it was here in Chiang Mai that food really got me.

I love to slow-cook (over charcoal, overnight), to get meat and vegetables soaked and tender. I usually cook with one, occasionally two pots. And we ferment a lot; home made yogurt and cheese are staples at our home.

For nutrition we don't hold any belief too close, besides considering protein as our key fuel. So far most recipes here have been vegetarian, but that will change soon.

Dao Phanthunavanich
Co-founder Rebirth Rice

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