black rice milk drink

an easy 3-ingredient black rice horchata

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On a trip to Taipei we found a latte with as main ingredient black rice. I had been considering to make a similar drink before, so once home I got to experiment.

The result turned out a practical power drink, a blend of beans, providing lots of non-dairy protein, soy milk and black rice. This 'horchata' is packed with carbs, protein, fiber, mineral and micronutrients, replaces a meal easily or enhances recovery after a workout.

I prefer to make my own red bean paste, but you can have a look at your local food store. The one from is yummy and not too sweet (if you want to give my red bean paste recipe a try, drop me a line).

Sealed and refrigerated, each ingredient keeps for up to a week!


1/3 cup red bean paste
1/2 cup black sticky rice (you can try other rice varieties, but it has to be a sticky one)
1 cup soy milk


First, boil the rice as described in this recipe.

Then, blend all 3 ingredients!
You can add more sticky rice or red bean paste according to your preference.

That's it!

If not sweet enough (largely depends on the brand of soy milk and red bean paste), you can add some honey.

black rice milk drink