Thai mango salad (som dtam ma muang)

Papaya salad, iconic for Thailand's street food scene.
At home we substitute papaya with mango.

to do

We usually leave out the hot peppers as well and the kind of mango I recommend are the green varieties (unripe mango is considered a vegetable in Asia).

Key is tamarind here, an indigenous Thai fruit that gives a sweet and sour touch.

Easy to prepare, won't take long!


unripe, green mango
shallots, sliced
chili, chopped
mint leaves
peanuts, roasted
30g unrefined palm sugar
1 tbs soy sauce
1/2 cup tamarind concentrate (tamarind, diluted with water, no additives)


First, start with the sauce: mix soy sauce, tamarind sauce and palm sugar in a pot. Turn on a low heat so the palm sugar can melt.

While the sauce cools down, cut mangos into strips.

Mix mango strips with the sauce in a salad bowl and flavour with shallots, chili, mint leaves and peanuts.

That's it!