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heirloom black rice

Long grain, non-glutinous, fragrant, nutty, deep dark.
Thai name: khao hom nil (ข้าวหอมนิล).
Scientific name: Oryza Sativa sc. khao hom nil.

$39.95USD for 12.5lb ($3.20/lb)
pack of 2, 6.25lb each, vacuum packed

$78USD for 25lb ($3.12/lb)
pack of 4, 6.25lb each, vacuum packed

$140USD for 50lb ($2.80/lb)
pack of 8, 6.25lb each, vacuum packed

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Update November 24:
Another batch will arrive in the US February 2022.

If you would like to make a reservation, please select your preferred volume below and we will give a heads up as soon as the rice can be shipped.
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About upcoming batch
Crop year 2021.
Milled and packed October/November 2021.

Organically grown and seed saved in Phrao district, Chiang Mai province, Northern Thailand.

nutrient profile (pdf)
anthocyanin 38.9mg/kg (pdf)

High in mineral and fiber: Iron 1.9mg/100g, Magnesium 166.8mg/100g, Fiber 4.6g/100g.

If you'd like to preorder a higher volume or simply prefer to make a reservation by email, write to Alex.