quality control

contact us anytime to get a copy of all certificates of the batch you got your rice from

Mention the date of your purchase and we track down the according documents.

we grow organic Thai rice, lab results available

Since 2020 we send our rice to the lab yearly. Before we did so every 2-3 years. 4 groups of agrochemicals, arsenic and mercury are analyzed. GMO we only screen once. Tests are done either by the Central Lab (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Chiang Mai Branch (ISO 17205 accredited) or at the lab services of Maejo University.

Results are published here. If you'd like to have more details, contact us or write an email. We'd be glad to share the official documents.

phytosanitary certificate

Early 2019, the Office of Rice Inspection Committee, a Thai Foreign Trade department agency one has to pass to export rice, introduced a grading program for pigmented rice and ever since our rice has been receiving 'prime quality' status, the highest qualification Thai pigmented rice can get.

These grading results have become an essential part of the phytosanitary certificate, issued by the Thai Department of Agriculture and exchanged with the USDA APHIS in order to allowed entry in the US.

Note on the document, we don't fumigate with chemicals either.