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organically grown by a group of smallholders in Phrao (Chiang Mai province), Northern Thailand

growing organic rice in Northern Thailand

heirloom black rice
The only rice we grow, an older, seed saved, long grain black variety. Anthocyanin levels are measured and shown on every rice box.

Nothing else than the outer inedible layer has been milled, preserving the germ (our rice can sprout) and all nutrient-dense parts.

100% natural
Every 2-3 years our rice is analyzed at a university lab while the Thai Department of Agriculture has been consistently labeling our rice prime quality. Contact us anytime to get a copy of all certificates of the batch you got your rice from.

where our rice grows
Phrao, one of Chiang Mai's rural districts. is a valley surrounded by the mountainous Srilanna National Park. Its microclimate, higher altitude and slightly acid soil (perfect to grow rice) sets this region apart.

We ship 3 times a year only.
Freshly milled, vacuum packed.


a little explanation

let's cook black rice, it's all about evaporation

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store black rice up to 3 years (and longer)

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find out whether the rice you got, is authentic

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about us
Rebirth Rice was founded in 2016 by a young couple.
He is a physician, she loves to cook.
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