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Thai black rice
organically grown
by a cluster of 6-7
smallholders in
Phrao, Northern Thailand

Only the outer, inedible layer is removed (='husked' rice) with all nutrient-dense parts of the grain kernel being preserved.

seed saved
We take pride in this traditional practice (as opposed to GMO). The value of seed ownership by farmers securing biodiversity and food supply cannot be underestimated.

quality control
Every year our rice is analyzed at a university lab while the Thai Department of Agriculture has labeled our rice prime quality. Contact us anytime to get a copy of all certificates of the batch you got your rice from.

A plant pigment, powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory that colors rice black-purplish. We are the only producer putting the actual value on the box.


Heirloom Black Rice

Long grain, non-glutinous.
Fragrant, nutty, deep dark.

Scientific name: Oryza Sativa sc. khao hom nil (ข้าวหอมนิล.)

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